To make Word in The City run smoothly, our incredible Admin Team are the engine room. You put in the hard work and help to oil the cogs, making sure everyone's experience smooth.

Below are some simple instructions and a video to help you to manage Groups including:

1. set up Groups

2. assign Group Leaders

3. enable Group Leaders to gain access to My Church Suite

4. train Group Leaders in recording Group attendance and how to manage their Groups



    1.    Log in to Church Suite
    2.    Go to ‘Discussion Groups’ on the main menu
    3.    Choose ‘Add Group’
    4.    Enter details

  • Name: Location - Leader e.g. London - Mark Hughes)
  • Tags: choose from list of locations e.g. WiTC - London
  • Visibility: choose ‘show in my church suit’
  • Add Leader by searching database. Select ‘Group Leader’ as role in the check box
  • Add group members by searching database. Select ‘Group Member’ as role in check box
  • Choose ‘Save’

    5.    Return to the Address Book from the main menu
    6.    Search for the Group Leader and select them
    7.    Hover over ‘My ChurchSuite’ and select ‘Send Invite’ from the drop down menu
The group leader will now receive an email telling them how to log in to my church suite as well as how to edit their group and track their group attendance.