We want to value everyone who comes to Word in The City and the Discussion Groups are key for people to feel safe, known and cared for.

To help Discussion Group Leaders do all this, we will use a tool from Church Suite that will allow Discussion Group Leaders to:

1. manage those in their groups

2. track attendance

3. provide the facility to get in touch with those in their Discussion Groups. 



1. You will receive an email telling you how to create a My Church Suite account. Click on the link to create a password for your account
2. Download the church suite app from the App Store or the Google Play store 
3. Log in to the Church Suite app using your newly created account (for Church select 'Word n The City)
4. You will now be able to see your own details on your homepage
5. Select the Menu and click on ‘My Groups’ 
6. Here you can add or remove people from your group by searching the database or clicking the ‘X’ beside their name to remove them
7. To record the attendance on a night (or in hindsight) click ‘Attendance’ at the top of the page, ensure the date is correct and mark in those present and select ‘Save’


If you have walked through the guides above but still have some questions please get in touch via the form below.