Across all Word in The City sites we will be using Church Suite to manage our registrations, sign in process & tracking attendance (please note monthly attendance figures MUST be uploaded to the BSF system for your class.)

Below are a number of processes that we need every location to understand and use each week.

For those who would like a more detailed explanation of what Church Suite click the button below.


Use the details sent to you via email to sign in to Church Suite. Most of your time on Church Suite will be spent using the 'Calendar' & 'Event Check-in' tool.

For ease we will use one username per city these will all follow the pattern; WiTC[CityName]


We use an online registration process for our locations.

This allows us to share specific information regarding dates, venue, meeting times and importantly allows us to gather key information on those attending. We send lesson content twice a week to our participants so it is vital that we capture this data accurately. 

On a gathering night you will either:

  1. Sign attendees in

Watch the 3 min video below for a demonstration of how to do this.

  2. Register new attendees

Registration Process.001.jpeg

Once a person has been registered they should instantly be available to check-in. If the name is not immediately in the list refresh the event check-in on your device.


For any new sign ups each week you will need to;

  1. Add registrant to the Church Suite contacts
  2. Tag them with your site location
  3. If a person does not attend for 4 weeks remove the [CityName] Member tag and add the [CityName] Limited tag. This means they will no longer receive the email content but will receive an encouragement to return to the class.

You can also use this as an opportunity to add any additional info that you may need and tidy up any lowercase letters in names.


You will need to track attendance figures to be submitted monthly to BSF HQ. With Church Suite this is a fairly straightforward process as all the data from the event check-ins help you do to do this.

    Follow the screenshots below, to see the data required, you will need to manually count the number of pink (female) blue (male) attendees each week.

    You will also need to count new attendees, these will be names not yet added to contacts (Identified by having no colour)

    Once you have gathered your data make sure you submit it to the BSF site as you have been trained.


    To help Discussion Group Leaders support and care for those within their group, we are using Church Suite's group facility which allows Discussion Group Leaders to record and track those in their group and their attendance. Click the button below to go through the tutorial.


    If you have walked through the guides above but still have some questions please get in touch via the form below.

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